Exhibition-opening, left:Artberg,right:Burmann

"Stacked", 2001, 100x200 cm

Walker through the beginnings

"Back to the roots" is the title of the exhibition in the Gallery Andechs in Innsbruck.
The Tyrolean artist
Reinhard Artberg lived for years in the jungles of the South Pacific. He brought new pictures from this jouney and an object to the Gallery.

Reinhard Artberg feels comfortable as a converter between the cultures. Ancient rock art inspired him as well as the art of the Aborigines or South American indigenous inhabitants. In the Andechs-gallery he shows new big pictures as well as an inflatable object. This seems to have been thrown off by another star, while the images tell mysteriously, encoded from distant dream worlds. Its structures are colorfully spread out across the surface, plow-like, pinned and meandered in relief.

Text from Edith Schlocker

Gallery Andechs

li.nach re.: City councilor H. Zach, Artberg, Head of the Cultural Office Tirol i.R. M.Hörmann