Experiments with the Painting Machine
A persiflage of the conceptual art in the 70`s and 80`s

Painting-machine Nr.3 1985

The painting machine produced lines which created a colourful painting through continously changing mathematical calculations. The "mistake" was consciously made, introducing a variable element into the composition.

Visual Concept:

At the exhibition in the Clubgalerie, part of the Wiener Secession, the Painting Machine was introduced. Painting with "magic" ink, it produced a continously changing painting as the ink never became permanent.
Painting Machines operated according to the principle of the "cybernetic mouse". The first machines painted lines in just one colour. Model no. 3 was controlled by a cylinder, similar to the workings of a barrel organ. The cylinder controlled the random output of the 3 primary colours -red, blue and yellow.