Urupukapuka-Island New-Zealand 1997

"Tend view", Urupukapuka 1997, 50x70cm

"Tangaroa", New Zealand 1997, 70x50cm

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Urupukapuka Island

In 1997, after intensive training in sailing, Artberg finally achieved what he had wanted to do a year before. He sailed in his 5.4 metre long and fully loaden catamaran to the uninhabited island Urupukapuka. He stayed there three months and produced nine paintings on this protected island. A cyclone hit the island for three days and damaged the catamaran. The boat was found far away from the beach on a grass bank. In order to get the necessary materials for repairs, he sent a letter to his friends on the mainland by a boat which had anchored in the bay. Soon after he was surprised to see his friend, the painter Hundertwasser, who had come with the necessary materials. Hundertwasser stayed a few days on the island before he travelled back home. Both were friends for a long time. Artberg`s first journey to New Zealand had been initiated by Hundertwasser's invitation.